Going Chemical-Free

The CHEMICAL-FREE life-style. Hippie, you say? Ah, no. Healthy.

I am a firm believer that we should be living the healthiest lives we can. We’re on the same team as our bodies (sorry, but you’re stuck with the one you’ve got). We’ve gotta do everything we can to love ourselves– body, mind, and soul.
Alright, so, why go chemical-free? Well, first of all, do you know how many chemicals are in each of the beauty products you use every day? And do you know what long-lasting side-effects these chemicals have?
Take a look at this chart from Natural Healthy Concepts. It shows the health issues linked to the toxic chemicals we are putting on our bodies every day. This chart blew my mind the first time I saw it.


Now take a look at this picture! Look how many chemicals each product has and what the effects are!


Mind blown? Well, this was enough to get me interested in this topic. I had NO IDEA I was using so many chemicals on my body each day. I trusted the beauty industry… I thought they were on my side, caring about the health of my skin and hair. But as I started doing more research, I really don’t think these companies could possibly care about my well-being, as a consumer. They know what chemicals I’m putting on my body with their products… and they know the effects of these chemicals. They just want my money.

Here is a top 12 list of chemicals that you want to AVOID in your beauty products! If you see these chemicals in your products, PLEASE find a replacement product that does not contain this. These are NOT good for your body.

1) Suflates (anything that has a form of sulfate in the name, SLS, Sodium Laureth (Lauryl) Sulfate)
2) Silicones (anything that ends in –zane, -xane, -cone, or –conol)
3) Parabens (anything that ends in –paraben) sidenote: 75%-90% of cosmetics use parabens. Parabens penetrate into the human skin very easily. Studies show that parabens are linked to infertility in males and breast cancer.
4) FD&C Colors
5) PEGs
6) Pthalates
7) Mineral Oil
8) Petroleums
9) Alcohol in Hair Products
10) Nano-Particles in make-up (nanoparticles go straight through the skin into your bloodstream).

Can you pronounce the name it? If you can’t, it’s most likely not good for you. Go to the EWG Data Base… type in the name of the chemical or product and it will tell you the toxicity ratings. (Top 12 chemicals: Credit, Alex Raye)

Now, I want to challenge you! Look through the products you’re using right now. Do you see any of these chemicals in them? My guess is you probably will find the majority of these chemicals in your products.

If you are interested in going chemical-free or simply going chemical-LESS, I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT! Honestly, it’s SO easy. I created this blog to give everyone my homemade récipes to make your own beauty products… and get away from chemicals! I can tell you that since I have gone chemical-free, my skin and hair have never felt better. My roommates think I’m crazy because I’m always playing with my hair and bragging about how soft it is. And I keep saying, “Wow! I can brush my hair and it doesn’t get oily!” Well, it’s because I stopped using shampoo and conditioner that contain all of those chemicals. You can read all about my homemade shampoos and conditioners in DIY Beauty and Hair.
I am not a scientist or a doctor. But I have done research about these chemicals and the toxicity ratings of products. Go to the EWG’s Skin Deep Data Base if you want to know the toxicity ratings of your products! This is one of the best websites I’ve found! I love it.

Let’s be educated consumers! And let’s embark on this life journey in the healthiest way we can!