Honey Face Wash


Why is honey so good for the skin?

Honey contains natural antibiotic properties and naturally cleans and purifies the skin. Honey is easily absorbed by the skin and it contains a high antioxidant content.


  1. Wet your face.
  2. Scoop a nickel-size glob of honey onto your hands.
  3. Rubbing in circles, massage the honey into your face.
  4. Let sit as long as you desire. (And maybe lick your lips! Yummm yummm)
  5. Wash your face with warm water.

This is a completely chemical-free, toxic-free face wash alternative. In my experience, using honey as face wash just feels wonderful. My skin feels clean and purified after the cleanse and I really feel like it keeps those zits under control.

You don’t need to buy face washes that are loaded with chemicals from companies that claim their products will take away your acne. Do you know how many chemicals are in those face washes? I can guarantee you, as much as they say their product will help, it’s not good for your skin.

Important notes:

  • Use LOCAL honey. (Using honey from other locations may cause allergies because you are not used it!)
  • Use 100% organic and pure honey. (You can buy it from your local organic store).

Has anyone else tried this? What do you think?!