Welcome to All of Everything,DIY health blog with the intention of  inspiring, challenging, and encouraging readers to live the healthiest lives they can. Living healthily requires commitment and intention. But with a little help, we can challenge ourselves to grow into the people we were created to be.

All of Everything promotes a complete organic, chemical-free life-style. All of the DIY beauty recipes are to inspire readers to create their own homemade, chemical-free products that will improve skin, hair, and overall health.

All of Everything promotes healthy eating and yoga. Do something today that your body will thank you for later.

And last, but not least, All of Everything promotes healthy thinking. To become healthy holistically, we must learn to love and accept ourselves.

Let’s journey together; improving our lives holistically- body, mind, and soul.

About the Author:

My name is Kelsey and I am a twenty-three year old certified yoga teacher, college-graduate, world traveler, and writer. I love adventures and exploring. I want to challenge readers to re-charge and re-motivate themselves to live the healthiest lives possible. We can learn, grow, discover, and transform together. I would love for your to join me on this journey! Feel free to message me or post a comment. Thanks for reading. You are all awesome.

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