Do What You Love

“Ambition and interest are two different things, are they not? If I am really interested in painting, if I love to paint, then I do not compete to be the best or most famous painter. I just love painting. You may be a better painter than I, but I do not compare myself with you. When I paint, I love what I am doing, and for me, that’s sufficient in itself.” J. Krishnamurti

What do you love doing? Hiking? Painting? Traveling? Writing? Cooking? Fitness? What is it that truly interests you? If you could just do something all day, what would it be?

Why do we so often turn our interests into competitions? As soon as we compare ourselves with others, we lose the freedom and the unique beauty of what we are doing. For me, I love yoga. And yes, I want to continually learn and grow in my practice. However, for me, yoga is not about twisting farther than the person next to me. It’s not about doing a head stand longer than someone else. Who cares who can do a head stand the longest? It’s about the freedom that I find when I’m doing something I love.

If we allow competition and comparison enter the equation, we reject freedom, exploration, and creativity.

Just be you and do what you love. Find that one thing that gives you freedom and allows you to be creative. If you love what you’re doing and allow yourself to be content with your abilities, you will be fulfilled.

What is something that you love and wish you did more of? Inspire me!

Kelsey’s Notes: April 17, 2014

Today’s Challenges:

  • Enjoy the sun
  • Drink an ice-cold smoothie
  • Play the guitar

Today I am thankful for:

  • Fresh and cheap vegetables at the market


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