Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Okay guys. SO EASY. You don’t have to use chemicals to clean your toilet and get the hard water stains off the bowl. CAN ANYONE GUESS WHAT THE SECRET AND ONLY INGREDIENT IS?

Yepp. That’s right, VINEGAR! You can use any type of vinegar (apple cider, white, etc.) to clean your toilet.

Why does this work? Vinegar is composed of acetic acid that kills viruses, bacteria, germs, and mold. It’s completely natural and chemical-free and dissolves through residue, stains, and deposits.

How To:

Step #1: Pour two cups of vinegar in your toilet bowl. Try to swirl it around so it gets on the sides of the bowl.

Step #2: Let it sit over night.

Step #3: When you wake up, use a toilet brush and swish the liquid around. Flush the toilet, and WALLA! You have a clean, clean, clean toilet.

One hint though… if you hate the smell of vinegar, use some air freshener! (Make sure it’s natural and chemical free! I just got an awesome CITRIS AIR FRESHENER from Trader Joe’s that is made completely from Orange Peels and Essential Oils. I love it!)

2 thoughts on “Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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