Homemade Eye Shadow

eye shadow

Such a fun recipe! And you can be so CREATIVE.


  • Cocoa Powder
  • Corn Starch
  • Activated Charcol 
  • Mica (optional for shimmer!)

Just mix cocoa powder, corn starch, and activated charcoal. Any combinations!

You can use just cocoa powder for a solid brown color. I’ve literally just put cocoa powder on my eyelids and it’s natural and pretty. Super easy and totally not weird! (Actually, just don’t tell anyone that you put chocolate on your eyelids this morning.) Add corn starch to make it lighter and activated charcoal to make it darker. Add mica for shimmer! Have fun with this and make all sorts of natural colors!

You can either use your fingers to apply or a small brissle brush. I would suggest a brush, because I think it works better. BUT, totally up to you!

If you think this is a little strange, I have the BEST alternative eye shadow. It’s completely vegan, chemical-free, and natural. It’s super shimmery, lasts ALL day, and comes in lots of colors. It’s about $5-$6 per color but each little container lasts forever!  It’s called Herbs of Grace. Here is the website if you’re interested. I use this eyeshadow everyday and LOVE it.

Orginal DIY Recipe: Alex Raye         Photo Credit: http://www.artfire.com

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